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Dreams and Visions



We live in exciting and challenging times, no one really needs to be told that, we each have our stories.

God is speaking to us all the time. When we align our thinking with His thoughts towards us then we can tune in to receive the things He has to share with us. Dreams and visions in themselves are a means to an end but their purpose is to point us to King Jesus! God given dreams point to Him and give us confidence in who He is for us. The Word of God is our rudder! It’s the truth that sets free. The Word and the Spirit work together giving Glory to Jesus.

Most nights I dream about people, countries and situations. I believe God shows me things so I can pray and declare the Word over people. There is nothing more thrilling than to see a marriage or a relationship restored that was a bit rocky, a financial breakthrough, a healing of emotional, mental or physical needs.

Do you know that we have the fullness of Christ dwelling within us and signs and wonders are markers that point us to Him? They follow the message of the Cross.

To be activated and walking in the realm of the Spirit, we need to try less and expect more. It is from the overflow of God’s love and kindness, that he wants to share His heart with us. He wants us to partner with Him too. Does He need us? Of course not, He is complete in the Trinity, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are the perfect compilation.

However, He has made us in His image, and we are not complete without Him. It is His great love, that draws us to a place of intimacy.

Dreams are great tools that heighten our awareness of God and the Holy Spirit. God speaks through our dreams. Write them down and ask Him to show you what He is wanting to communicate to you as you seek the truth through the Bible.

Visions are the same, they point us to the solution who is Jesus. Amid the challenges we face, a visionary experience imparts hope to keep on keeping on as we stand on the promises of God with a texture of consistency being centered in our everyday lives.




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