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2015-Peter and I have been married 16 years and we are based in Perth, Western Australia. Peter is from a farming background in the south west of our State. I was raised in New Zealand. We are parents to four beautiful children! Peter works in the mechanical engineering field. I am an author and a blogger who ministers in the prophetic.

I became a Christian in 1984 at the age of 9 while attending a Pentecostal Church here in Perth. I was on an access visit to see my mother at the time from New Zealand. At the Church meeting, I had a life-changing and supernatural encounter. Two enormous angels came and revealed Jesus to me. They were about 9 feet tall and had beautiful feathered wings. Their faces shone so bright and they were white as snow. I recall the purity on their faces. While they were with me I was constantly aware of Jesus. They pointed me to Him, as my personal Lord and Saviour. Instantly I believed and accepted Jesus into my heart.


My walk with God was turbulent over the years, but no matter what distractions or issues I faced, I never let go of my faith. Through my teenage years I never walked away from God, but I became disillusioned with many things I saw in Christianity and I choose the path of the world for several years. During this time, the Holy Spirit continually tugged on my heart to draw me back to the place of intimacy with God. At the age of 21, I came back to him, washed up and spat out by the world and the party scene. I fell on my knees in my lounge room and laid my heart at the Cross.

From that moment forward, I was set free from cigarette smoking and other addictions, and as the months and years progressed, fears, insecurities, and other strongholds left my life. Every year my capacity and ability to love others has grown from the forgiveness I’ve found. Fears in my life have been replaced with faith.

My new found faith and commitment to the things of God for my life, have taken me to varying countries of the world as an itinerant missionary- Mexico in 1997; UK in 1998 and Africa in 2003 to date.

Our local Church is Freedom Life Church



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