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Glory Carriers

I hear the sound of angel’s feet. I hear the angel Justice singing this decree over you saying, “Just as it is in Heaven let it be in your earthly life today!” This is Heaven’s declaration over you and your family! “Just as it is in Heaven let it be in your earthly life today!”

The King Of Glory has sent out a decree to remind you, “You are free!” Just as it is in Heaven, let it be in your earthly life today! As a dispenser of Glory, you are not alone friend. Never alone!

1.You have all of Heaven backing you! Hebrews 12:1
2.You have Jesus interceeding for you! Romans 8:34
3.You have God’s angels bringing the harvest to you on God’s behalf! Hebrews 1:14
4.You have the fullness of Christ INSIDE of you, the fire of His presence surrounding you and no spiritual enemy can touch you! Colossians 2:9-10. 2 Peter 1:3-4.
5.The power and help you need comes from the Holy Spirit. He is with you ALWAYS! John 16:7 There is NO CONDEMNATION to those IN Christ Jesus! Romans 8:1

I see you lifting other’s out of mire and clay. I see you leading others out of darkness and into light! Freedom is Heaven’s decree! There’s an authenticity and uniqueness about how God is working through you. Don’t doubt, just follow.

Father has called you and commissioned you and He’s sent the Helper to guide and lead you wherever you need to go! All of Heaven is barracking for you! You were born for such a time as this!

Father says, “Run with the fire! Run! I’ve given you My strength and My power to rise in this hour! You rise on eagles wings. Your trust in Me, pleases Me. By My Spirit we will rise!”

You’re a carrier of the Glory wherever you go! A dispenser of Kingdom order, Kingdom joy, Kingdom peace! I hear Justice, the angel of the Lord decreeing this over you today, “Just as it is in Heaven, be in your earthly life today.” The presence of God is your prize and your portion! You’re commissioned to Go!  Psalm 91

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  1. Keturah Ogletree says:

    This straight from Abba to me today. I’m being verbally attacked by family members because I speak YHVH”s truth. Your word above is encouragement to my heart and soul. Outrageous blessings on you in Yeshua’s name!

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