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I see recompense and restoration at your door! What the enemy stole through your lack of knowledge is being restored! Something good is going to happen, something good is in store! Endless opportunities are going to knock on your door! Where the enemy plundered your camp and stole from you has gone before the courts of Heaven. I hear the Spirit of God saying,


You’re a heat seeking missile! A mighty weapon in the hand of God! Every area Satan has come to kill, steal and destroy in your life is being restored and more!! Your setbacks are setups in God’s hand!!

The hand of the Lord has kept you under his feathers. I see you being launched by his hand, the arrow in his bow! He’s releasing the arrow and off you go! His eye is on the prize. You are set to hit the target!

You’ve come into alignment, wielding the sword of truth in the spiritual realm. You are a giant slayer! Like David, the Spirit of God has raised you up on the backside of a hill!

I see you slaying spiritual giants, kicking the enemy from MANY doors!

Deuteronomy 30:3 The Message Bible

“God, your God will restore everything you lost; he’ll have compassion on you; he’ll come back and pick up the pieces from all the place where you were scattered.”


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  1. Rita Silvestri says:

    Hi Veronica, I just had to write and share this with you. I lost a lot of money to an investment company and I really didn’t have the money. They promised it back in less than a month and it has been a year. It was almost 30 thousand dollars. I just talked with them on text and they are supposed to call me. I was just closing down my email when you message came through Spirit Fuel. I couldn’t stop crying!

  2. Mary Lott says:

    Hi Veronica,
    I read your articles on Spirit Fuel and wanted you to know how much this one Blessed me.
    God sent me on an assignment that I didn’t fully understand. While I was seeking Him, I heard these words in my spirit, You were sent like a heat seeking missile. This was two months ago to the day 2/13/17. I pray you are Blessed to hear the confirmation of the word.

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